employers-round-a-table Interim Management

Interim management has become an established management practice. Its use is growing rapidly as organizations realize it offers cost effectiveness and flexibility. It enables an organization to use the skills of a highly experienced person to fulfill its needs at a particular moment in its life. An interim assignment can vary in length but it is likely to be between three and six months.

As interim managers are often hired to deliver a specific project, they are unlikely to operate as temporary cover simply to maintain the status quo. In fact they are more usefully employed to bring change and fresh thinking to an organization.

  • Effective interim management should be about embedding good practice and leaving a legacy of improvement and it is important that both parties feel satisfied that this has been part of the outcome.
  • Winny Interim specializes in executive placement at the highest level. We find outstanding senior executives to provide immediate short-term injections of management skills, which in the long-term add value to your business.
  • As a leading global executive search firm, we have an unrivalled reach amongst senior executives, including those who prefer to use their experience on an interim basis. Our pool of available interim talent includes interim executives whose experiences cover all disciplines and a wide spectrum of businesses.
  • We have an exceptional consulting team with members who have board level and senior management experience, both as permanent and interim, in a wide variety of business sectors and disciplines.
  • Our interim executives have all been rigorously vetted, which enables us to respond to executive placement needs quickly, and to ensure a match in terms of corporate culture, ethos and personal chemistry.
  • Our experience in providing interim executives is supported by detailed understanding of every client’s business and culture, proven methodology for matching the right executives to each assignment, pool of quality interim executives, and a close working relationship with our clients throughout each assignment.